Our team

Petrushenko Yuriy

The Chairman of the Board,
the coordinator of project activities

e-mail: yuriy.petrushenko@gmail.com

Shvindina Hanna

CEO, project manager

e-mail: shvindina.hannah@gmail.com

Bondar Olena

Financial manager, accountant

e-mail: olena_volodymyrivna@ukr.net

Tuliakova Alisa

Content manager, PR,
social media promotion

e-mail: alisatulakova@gmail.com

Bilotserkivska Olena

Project manager, PR

e-mail: elenabil.2002@gmail.com

Vorontsova Anna

Project manager

e-mail: a.vorontsova.uabs@gmail.com

Dibrova Vladyslav

Project manager,
Coordinator of relations with the charity organizations

e-mail: vladyslav.dibrova@gmail.com

Yevdokymova Alona

Project manager

e-mail: alyona_ev@ukr.net

Kostyuchenko Nadiya

The Coordinator of Relations with education institutions and academic scholars

e-mail: kostyuchenko.nadiya@gmail.com

Kotenko Stanislav

Project manager

e-mail: goodwinn93@gmail.com

Mylenkova Rimma

Project manager, moderator,
course curator

e-mail: rimmamay@hotmail.com

Smolennikov Denys

Coordinator of relations with business structures and education institutions

e-mail: smolennikov@gmail.com

Illia Safronov

Project Manager, courses curator

e-mail: igromislav@gmail.com

Khvostov Serhiy

Project manager, moderator

e-mail: hvostov@gmail.com