Mental health support during the war

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During the last two years, 2022 and 2023, at least three projects supporting the mental health of the population were implemented at our Center. These initiatives were financed by MedAir in Ukraine and DVV International in Ukraine, along with the support of various volunteer initiatives that began in March 2022.

As soon as we recovered from the shock of the full-scale invasion, together with Viktoriya Ratyeyeva, we launched a series of psychoeducational activities. Over time, our center started collaborating with the NGO Mental Health Service and its psychologists, namely Oksana Ivantsova and Marina Troitska, in a sphere of individual consulting, peer-to-peer group support, and training for the residents.

Over two years of such cooperation, training in PFA was conducted for more than 500 people. Psychoeducational meetings were held for more than 500 people in the cities of Sumy, Lebedyn, Trostianets, Okhtyrka, and Yampil.

And now, we keep on going with individual consulting and peer-to-peer group support.

The importance of such measures is extraordinary. They help reduce levels of anxiety and stress, provide tools for self-help, create support communities, contribute to the prevention of mental disorders, and enhance the resilience of the population. In conflict zones, this becomes a key aspect of humanitarian aid, helping people not only cope with current challenges but also laying the foundation for long-term recovery and stabilization of society.

We are grateful to all our partners and volunteers for their support and dedication to mental health projects in Ukraine.