During the training will be explored different aspects of intercultural communication, including working in teams, leadership, and negotiations (building a dialogue on the bases of mutual interests).
?? Coach: Tetyana Mayboroda
? Goals of the training:
1. To increase participants’ intercultural communication and management competencies. This is because being able to understand and read people from different cultures is important if we wish to communicate effectively and achieve desired outcomes.
2. To develop the understanding of challenges of a leader faced while acting in a intercultural context, approaches to leadership, reflection on the key competencies and how different leadership styles are perceived in different cultures.
3. To learn how to avoid the barriers in successful intercultural communication and to implement a mindset of success when dealing with intercultural interactions to avoid conflict.
4. To understand the importance of common language use for intercultural negotiations, to differ style languages (high-context vs. low-context), to be conscious how culture affects the process of negotiations and implement the knowledge of building the dialogue considering the interests of both parties.
? Sessions descriptions:
? Session #1 Cultural dimensions & Intercultural management skills
Concept of culture; role of globalization & diversity, Hofstede model & GLOBE = Global Leadership & Organizational Behavior Effectiveness; intercultural competences = cultural sensitivity & cultural intelligence)
Icebreaker teamwork.
? Session # 2 Intercultural teams & leadership \\ Managing diversity
Approaches to leadership, reflection of key competences, different leadership styles and their perception in different cultures.
Methodology of Martyn Barett (11 intercultural skills) = practical group work “images of others”
Test Myer-Briggs (psychological type theory)
? Session # 3 Barriers in intercultural interactions. Strategies for success in intercultural interactions
Stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination.
Unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, unconscious competence – implementation of mindset of success while dealing with intercultural interactions.
? Session # 4
Intercultural negotiations & dialogue. Goals and negotiation approaches.
Foreign language use, style of language (high-context vs Low-context), negotiation goals, building a dialogue focusing on the interests of both parties.
? Place: Congress-Centre SumDU
? Registration is closed, thank you!
Програма реалізується в рамках проєкту “Центр освіти і навчання дорослих м. Суми: професійна та громадянська освіта на службі розвитку громади” ГО Центр освіти впродовж життя за підтримки DVV International в Україні та сприяння Федерального міністерства економічного співробітництва та розвитку Німеччини (BMZ). 


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